Jackson Coffee Co.

Snow days are great! Am I right!? With the wind blowing and the snow coming down Amber and I headed out for a days of pics, coffee, candy, and maybe a quick well deserved lunch! We laughed, posed, and all in all had a great time!

Our trip started off with a slow drive to Ella Sharp park for a few pics. We were met by an indecisive squirrel who danced in front of my stopped vehicle trying to decided which snow bank looked less menacing. It was pretty entertaining. A few quick pictures and we were off to downtown!

Once there we grabbed a couple more pics and laughs and headed to Jackson Coffe Co. For a wonderful warm up!

Jackson Coffee Co. Opened it’s doors September 2006 and have made quite a claim to fame in the Jackson MI community. Their locations are a reflection of the community with photos, art, music and more all from local artists and other area businesses. The crown jewel is the downtown coffee house location! This beautifully restored location in the downtown business district is beautiful and easy to get to! The perfect stop before any major …or minor downtown event or excursion. Right away when you walk in you’re hit with the fantastic aroma of fresh roasted coffee! The decor has a fun nostalgic feel and the staff was super friendly and informative!

There are two levels to the cafe’ the lower level with a long counter space for a fantastic street view or a roomy upstairs with seating and a small stage where they host live local musicians on Friday nights. They even offer a conference room area for satelite meetings or small group gatherings.

So what makes Jackson Coffee Co. the best? They slow roast small batchs of perfectly selected beans from some of the best growers in the world! It doesn’t get any fresher than that! But it’s not just coffee they also offer tea, smoothies, and snacks!

If you’d like to try it for yourself visit them at their downtown location on the corner of Mechanic st. And Cortland Ave. Or visit their website at http://www.jacksoncoffeeco.com

@Tour_the_town visits Jackson Candy and Fudge Factory next, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Stay tuned, and get out and enjoy your own hometown…or ours!

A quick midwinter break!

Today has been a long day. The first day back to work after a quick vacation always is though! So where did we go?… Vegas of course! So why is this our favorite go to vacation spot? 1. Quick easy travel, 2. Lots and lots to do, 3. It’s always changing. 4. The weather is awesome! January in Vegas means weather that equates to a Michigan Spring. 40°F at night, 70°F during the day. Perfect temps when it’s 20°F at home lol! We found ourselves in a position for a quick trip the garden center was closed to allow the floor epoxy to cure, and the winter weather was due to hold off outside of a small dusting of snow on one of the nights we we’re gone. Nothing that our trusty team couldn’t handle. This was however a Very last minute decision. Like we decided Thursday afternoon that we were leaving on Saturday morning! 😱😬😆 So hotel options were limited and we weren’t trying to break the bank on this quick get away. So we chose to stay at the Monte Carlo Casino Hotel which had great rates as the direct result of their current renovation construction situation. More on that in a bit. We actually stayed at the Monte Carlo before, and had a really enjoyable stay. We upgraded that trip to stay in the Monaco Suite, and although dated it was a large comfortable room with a great view. I can’t find my pics from this trip so attached is a photo from the web. But it looked just like this. Our room this time was supposed to be a King room, non-smoking. Nothing fancy, but it will get the job done for a quick visit. However, our flight landed at 7:40am and we arrived at the hotel around 8:30am we didn’t expect a room to be immediately available but we were informed that housekeeping doesn’t even arrive for the day until 9 a.m. and it would likely be at least 11 before room would be available. Which is no problem but at 11:30 we stopped back again because we had not received any information that our room was ready only to find it still was not ready and we would be reassigned to a new room that was available. Sounds great right?! Upon arriving to the room we found that it was in fact a double room non-smoking at the very far end of the hallway across from a storage room, and construction directly below and above us. The room was dated and I can see why they are working on a major renovation. Aside from the obvious issues, we left and returned to our room to the overwhelming stench of marijuana in the hallway and in our room. We were able to crack open the window and air it out but this unfortunately would be an ongoing problem over the course of the weekend. Once the window was open we were also subject to the very loud construction noise as well. Outside of these issues, our safe did not work, no coffee maker in the room, and the maid service did not empty or clean the ice bucket during the duration of our stay… Luckily we don’t spend much time in our room. We went to some of our favorite spots including the Toby Keith Bar, and the Dueling Piano bar at Harrah’s Casino. But we also stopped by a few new spots like Carnival Court Bar for some live music, and lunch at the Budweiser Beer Park, great food, a super fun atmosphere, and an amazing view. The trifecta in Vegas! Outside of these spots we had a nice dinner out, I’ll do a full review on that later, and we went to the newly opened Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum. In case you are not familiar, Zak Bagan’s is on a television show called Ghost Adventures, I will also tell you about the museum a little more in a later post as well. Overall the weather was perfect, great food, fabulous entertainment, and now a return to the frozen north in time to enjoy the polar vortex…insert sarcastic “Yaaaay…!” 😕 So I think that’s about it. I will say I look forward to returning to Monte Carlo post renovation I think it will be a welcomed upgrade. Keep an eye out for more info in the next day or so on the museum and that fabulous dinner out! Happy travels we’ll talk soon! Bye!

Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR Restaurant Las Vegas

I don’t often attempt reviews but this place is great, and so I thought I would share. While on vacation recently in Las Vegas Andy and I had dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR restaurant located inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. The outside of the restaurant has a gorgeous fire feature within the wall signage you can’t miss it! 

There is a hostess at the door ready to seat you and although it seemed like a lengthy line we were seated quickly, in a comfortable table for two on the main floor. I will say this though…it’s very very noisy in here. The music and crowd noise from the casino floor coupled with the open kitchen format and busy wait staff. It was audibly a bit of an over load. 

The waitress was prompt took our drink orders and allowed us to peruse the menu for a few.  The menu has a nice selection of starters, and honestly the most delicious assortment of burgers you could ever ask for. Everything from the Hell’s Kitchen burger to the Patriot burger, they all sounded wonderful to me! If burgers aren’t your thing then he offers hot dogs and an assortment of other options but…you did come to a restaurant called BurGR lol! 

We started with an appetizer, the mushroom poutine sounded good. A poutine is a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Something a little different than we would normally get because hey we’re on vacation, right!! The mushroom poutine was awesome! It was flavorful the fries were crispy, the mushrooms were delicious, and it had these Devine pickled shallots on top that were seriously so good!! A++ appetizer you should definitely give it a try!

For our main course I order the house special “hog burger”, and Andy ordered the “blue cheeseburger”. We also ordered a side of truffle Parmesan fries. 

The Hog burger consists of a literal “ham” burger patty wrapped in bacon, and topped with pickles, pulled pork, cheese, fried onions, and slaw. Although awkward to eat because this thing is huge! Every bite was perfect, hands down the best burger I’ve had in a long time! 

Andy thoroughly enjoyed his burger as well, and the truffle Parmesan fries were so good but we were so full!!! We couldn’t even finish everything. 

Bottom line here great restaurant for a moderate price point. Hope you all get the chance to visit it sometime! Gordon Ramsey gets a big thumbs up (he’s probably been dying for my approval lol 😂) Enjoy!! 

Smith’s Antiques

I love love love visiting antique marts all over the US. We recently took a quick family vacation to Miramar Beach Florida, and found Smith’s Antique Mall while on our stay! 

This is a big antique mall that looks small from the outside. They carry everything from furniture, to jewelry, and everything in between. I took a few pictures of my favorite pieces, to share with you! 

I posted earlier about the boho bead trend. Snazzy little beads used in a variety of ways in your home decor! Well…I found an amped up version made from sea glass!!! They are gorgeous! 

I also found a variety of furniture pieces that I’d love to have but was pretty sure wouldn’t fit in my car to get them home lol! 

 Aside from my furniture obessesion there were also a ton of Nick nacky items that I would surely have collected if not for my husband reminding me of all the things I have now that I don’t use lol!!! 

Antique marts are a great way to update home decor on a budget! Hope you find the perfect treasure on your own next adventure. Enjoy everyone!!! 

The pains of lost luggage

So as I mentioned in my recent post we just returned from a short trip to Las Vegas. I also mentioned that my luggage unfortunately did not make the trip with me.

So let’s talk about expectation vs reality of losing your luggage. I am not the kind of person who gets easily upset or loses her cool. I have the ability to really take things in stride…

We arrived at the baggage claim to find that my bag does not arrive. The claim office verifies that indeed all bags were removed from the plane, and begin the process of writing up my claim form. The representative was friendly and calm and stated that they will have my bag to me as soon as possible. The next flight in however was not until 11:30pm…it was noon…my response “OK no problem we’ll work it out”

The representative also stated that she would call Detroit to request shipment of my bag and that she would call me to verify that  they were sending it out. So naturally my expectation is that I would be getting that call within the hour.

At 1:30pm I called to see if she reached them.. No answer, I left a message requesting a call back. I did that again at 2:30p, 3:20, and 5:50p. No call backs. At 6:20p I finally got someone to answer the phone! Only one problem…”they haven’t received any positive information regarding my bag”…wait…what? What does that mean? You can’t reach them, or they really lost the bag? Nope they lost it…completely lost it. Although they continued with their vague game playing and never said they lost it. By this time I’m getting ticked.

I was told I could pick up any essentials that I needed to get by and they would call as soon as they had more information.

I’m going to fast forward now. I never got my bag back!

I spent over $300 on essentials to get me by. I am now at the mercy of the airline as far as compensation for my losses. I had to send a notarized list of my belongings by certified mail, along with my original boarding pass, itinerary, claim check, a copy of my license, all receipts for my incurred expenses along with an itemized list of those things…which they reserve the right request that I send back to them…what?! Also the receipts from any item in my lost bag valued at more than $50 regardless of how long ago I purchased them… my first born, the neighbors dog, and my best friends pillow case *can you feel the sarcasm. I also provided a timeline of the 20+ calls I made to the airline, and letter of disgust for their lack of customer service. My claim is for over $1000, and I’m asking for reimbursement of my prepaid baggage fees. I’ll post updates as I get them…let’s hope Spirit Airlines provides me with a happy ending to this story…I am so far unimpressed with their customer service efforts.

I hope my bag is somewhere warm and sunny enjoying it’s destination…more to come!

A quick get away

As I mentioned in my intro blog. One of my favorite things to do is travel with my family. We have been to Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas and all over the US. My all time favorite place to go though is Las Vegas!

I love the energy, the weather, and the give your all entertainment value!

This past weekend my husband and I decided to take advantage of some warmer MI weather (which means a slow work week for him) and head out to Las Vegas!

This might not be the post you were expecting though…

I promise I will give you some amazing tips and tricks in a later post, but this trip was SO different!

First off it was a quick get away in every sense. We flew out via Spirit Airlines on Saturday morning and arrived in Las Vegas around 12pm just one problem….my luggage didn’t make the DIRECT flight with me! You heard that right it was a direct flight no layovers no changing planes…no weird flight delays…they just didn’t put my bag on the plane. They stated it should come in on the later evening flight. OK….off to the hotel!

We stayed at Harrah’s hotel and casino this time. A much older resort compared to some that we have stayed but it’s in a great location center strip! We arrived and we’re checked in without a problem. Arrived to our balcony room. The room was small and the balcony is standing room only lol…but it’s always nice to be able to open the door for some fresh air.

Upon further inspection the safe in our room was not working…we travel with cell phones, extra cash, and a laptop so the safe is important. We called the desk and within minutes the staff arrived to attempt a fix. Unfortunately the part needed to fix it was unavailable and so we were promptly moved to a new room with a working safe. The staff was exceptionally nice and worked without delay!

The second room was identically set up, and the safe was in working order. Harrah’s is indeed in need of a make over though. They have a new tower opening soon with newly renovated rooms but this was not it…there were dents in the walls, stains on the carpet, and stains inside the dresser drawers (more than one). Not 5 star accommodation for sure. The bathroom was small and there is a dark colored shower curtain and no lighting in the shower stall itself. Even with the bathroom light it was like showering in a cave lol.

And at one point even the cups we were drinking from were leaking! Seriously!

So what were the positives…

#1 the staff, always friendly, courteous, helpful. Top notch better than some of the nicer places I’ve stayed even!

#2 the location, you can’t beat the location of this hotel!

#3 Fulton Street Food Court, excellent food 24hours a day at good prices

#4 the piano bar, a fun interactive entertainment opportunity

#5 Toby Keith Bar and Grill, live music nightly and excellent specialty drinks! Try the Georgia Peach it’s awesome!

We shopped…mostly for clothes since mine never arrived…you heard that right! My luggage is still missing and I am now home! But picked up a couple nice gifts for the kiddos too…

We visited the Bellagio Gardens, ate at Nacho Daddy, and Enjoyed the night life and knocked another item off our list by riding on the high roller, a very large Ferris wheel/ observation ride. It’s also awesome, and a great way to see the city!

We did a little gambling and rested up for our busy Spring schedule ahead…it’s amazing what a weekend away can do for you! Even if you only had 3 outfits to choose from lol!

Here’s to Vegas, and hopefully getting positive reimbursement from Spirit Airlines after this debacle…I’ll blog some about that later…Happy Travels everyone!

Just Little Ole Me

This page will feature some of my own adventures, and words of wisdom.

I am a Mom and Wife living in mid-Michigan, I’ve held a variety of jobs in my career and am currently managing the garden center owned by my husband and I. Our oldest son is 18 years old and works along side us, and our daughter is an outgoing 14 year old currently experience the joys of her freshman year of high school.

I enjoy travelling, gardening, cooking, baking, crafting, and entertaining! I’m excited to share some of me with you. More to come soon!

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