Don’t Tell Mama! ~review Las Vegas

A big part of our usual Vegas experience is to visit some of our favorite Live Music venues. We have thoroughly enjoyed the Piano Bar at Harrah’s, and New York New York. Toby Keith bar has had some great acts in the past. These venues nearly post pandemic though are tough to come by! And since we started our journey out on Fremont St I really wanted to find some similar fun in the downtown area and let me tell you…”Don’t Tell Mama” was perfect!

Located in the strip mall area behind the Heart Attack Grill you’ll find this lively little piano bar with singing bartenders and a fantastic piano player! They used to host open mic nights but have put a pause on that until things calm down with the Coronavirus.

The drinks were good and at $7 ea (very inexpensive for Las Vegas) you really can’t beat it! It was a fun and entertaining stop! Face masks are required when entering and if moving around to the bar or restroom. But if seated and enjoying a drink they are not required. Also the tables are well spaced not crowded together at all. So be sure to Visit! And Enjoy!!

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