Flamingo Go Pool Las Vegas Review

As with many of our summer Las Vegas adventures we had to go to a pool! This time we decided to join some very good friends at the Flamingo Go Pool! We have visited this one before and it is always a good time!

Let’s face it on a 107°F day in Las Vegas there is no better way to spend some time than at the pool and this one seems to have the vibe that draws us in. They offer live DJ’s, frozen drinks, chairs (free), day beds, cabanas, and a whole lot of walkable pool space to enjoy! The waterfall grotto is a cool design element at this pool as well!

So let’s start off with seating and rental options. We have found that some pools will not allow you to sit on the edge of the pool or near the day bed areas etc… As those area are “reserved” for paying guests. Yes, you heard me right.. No sitting on the edge of the pool! You can in those cases either stand in the pool, or there is seating near the bar. But not at Flamingo! You are allowed to sit on the edges of the pool or set your towels down in areas around the pool, and they have FREE lounge chairs available as well! Now, the free seating is generally not directly next to the pool but it not far away and they even have some that are slightly shaded, a great option to help with the desert sun!

We opted to rent a day bed, this provides seating for 4 and is right next to the pool, and had a patio umbrella on either side. Day beds here charge $180 for the bed rental and require an additional food and drink obligation of $150. For four people $150 in food and drinks pool side goes quick so plan ahead budget wise if you want to get a daybed. We spent about $300-$400 ea couple for an entire day poolside. We highly recommend it.

We arrived around 1130am, and left between 530 and 6pm. Had good drinks, a snack and left ourselves some time to rest before a later evening dinner and some fun on the strip. The Las Vegas pools are a great way to spend a relaxing day!

The service was good, and the location of the daybed was great. I will say though, the flamingo Go Pool drink menu had a little flaw when it came to my friends allergies…she has troubles with citrus and high acid foods causing her to develop hives. Every single drink on the pools specialty cocktail menu contained some kind of citrus or sour mix including the frozen drinks! She was able to order from the bar a regular mixed drink but part of the fun is trying something new and sadly that was not an option with the current menu items. So keep that in mind if you too have allergies to citrus. They do offer individual drinks, pitchers, or bottle service.

All and all we had a great time, and we highly recommend a visit here! Enjoy!

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