I Love Sugar, Las Vegas Review

Made a pit stop while out for a walk and made our way to I Love Sugar! I Love Sugar is located in the Linq Promenade area across the walk from O’Shea’s and next door to the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Fro. The ground level this looks like a GIANT candy store. They offer anything and everything gummy and lots of vintage candy. Great selection if you’re a PEZ enthusiast they have an entire wall of just PEZ. Very cool. Once inside take a quick trip up the escalator and you’ll find the I LOVE SUGAR bar experience!

This is a bright fun atmosphere with promenade views. The wait staff and bar tenders were great, very quick service, friendly and they have a super fun little twist here as you can imagine. All of the drinks are cady themed and garnished with a variety of candies! Oh and.. THEY’RE HUGE!

As you can imagine a specialty cocktail like these comes at a price in Vegas. One huge specialty drink is $42 we shared a big one and sipped a small version $17 just give a couple things a try. So we ordered the Gummy Bear, and to be honest I can’t remember the name of the other cocktail! Oops 😂 !

The presentation on these drinks is above and beyond. Gummy bears everywhere on top inside it’s heaped with gummy bears and they used dry ice for a bubbly smoking start! Check it out!

I’ll be honest when I saw all of the candy I thought this was going to be undrinkably sweet but it was actually really good!

They have a whole bunch of fun options this one had candy necklaces and rock candy it was so pretty!

Overall you should definitely stop by and check it out. A little pricey but it’s a Vegas experience that you don’t want to miss! We loved Candy will you?! Enjoy!

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