Preview of Resorts World Las Vegas!

I decided to wrote a preview on this resort because of it’s newness, and unique features for those just paying a visit. We plan to stay one day and at that time I’ll do a full scale review but for now I thought I could share a bit of what I know from our experience at The new Resorts World Las Vegas!

The Las Vegas Resorts World Hotel and Casino is located on the former site of the Stardust hotel and casino, near the Encore, and across the street from the former site of the Riviera Hotel Casino. It has three hotels in the complex the Hilton Las Vegas at Resorts World is the largest and most economical, boasting over 1700 guest rooms, the Conrad a mid line luxury feel with just over 1300 guest rooms, and the Crocksford a total Luxury suites hotel with just over 250 guest rooms. Each hotel has their own entrance and lobby areas, and unique to this resort you can check in and out from the new Resorts World Red App! No lines no waiting check in and a digital key will be uploaded to your cell phone, this is a great feature in my opinion we have waited in a lot of long check in lines in Las Vegas and this would be a major upgrade and one that I hope other resorts will adopt in the future as well!

The shopping, restaurant and casino areas are large and bright it’s a very welcoming space! Resorts world is also the first Las Vegas Resort to accept crypto currency!

There are still a number of restaurants and a the Zouk nightclub that are preparing to open this Fall. So a lot may change here in a short time and another reason why we plan to wait to stay. They have a large events venue coming soon too that will host several new Las Vegas residencies including Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood!

Resorts world has a lot of neat art exhibits, and currently have a Rolls Royce fundraiser going on, raising money for a children’s hospital charity!

Another unique feature at Resorts World is the Food Court!

Famous Foods Street Eats features Asian and Western themed restaurants and they offer a touch screen order kiosk where you can order from multiple vendors in one place and pick up once you’re notified by text that your food is ready! This is a great way to eliminate long lines and allow everyone to order what they like!

We had a great first impressions visit here at Resorts World, I look forward to seeing how things progress here, and encourage you to stop in and check it out! Enjoy!!

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