Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor-Review

So this weekend I had the opportunity to try out something new. A fun sporting event called fowling. Fowling combines the pins of bowling with football! Sounds crazy and in some ways it is!

So let’s start with where we went. The Fowling Warehouse Ypsi Ann Arbor is located on Washtenaw Ave in Ypsilanti Michigan. It’s a large venue that contains a reception area, two bar areas, and 20 Fowling lanes in cages. It was well organized and there was a ton of signage explaining the basic rules and how to have the best playing experience.

There are four cages with 5 lanes in each cage. Each lane has a series of lines that mark the men’s and ladies tees, and out of bounds areas.

There is a platform on which the pins are set up. Each set has a single red or orange pin in the center. If you throw and clear all of the pins or if you can hit only that red pin it is known as a “bonk” and the players team wins automatically, although the opposing team can still throw a rebuttal but must clear all pins in one throw or the red pin alone in order to tie the match.

If on the first throw other pins are knocked down then you play until all pins are cleared. The first team to clear all of the pins is the winner of that match.

We played a couple of games and it was so much fun! The footballs are lighter weight, and having men’s and women’s tees makes this a playable game for lots of age groups and athletic levels. You do not by any means need to be good at football or bowling to play this game! It’s a super unique experience and I highly recommend you give it a try!

The Fowling Warehouse offers, tournaments, leagues, and open fowling times. They also host events like birthdays, or work related get togethers as was the case for me. My office rented 5 lanes for two hours, they allowed us to bring in our own food, and we purchased drinks from their bars. They have canned beer, draft beer, wine, and mixed drinks, as well as soda, water, and energy drinks.

Want to bring this experience to you, the Fowling Warehouse advertises a to go option that will bring the fowling to you!

Over all a fantastic experience, friendly staff, clean facility, and something brand new to try!! Can’t say enough nice things about this one, go give it a try!

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