Shareable Vegas, Nacho Style

We have travelled so much to Las Vegas, the land of excess, and we have learned how to eat well on a reasonable budget as a result.

Food in Vegas is expensive. It just is. A fine dining experience in a celebrity chefs restaurant can cost you $200 or more. We find most of our average everyday meals for 2 can be $50-75 with drinks. But there are some deals and tricks that can make eating out in Las Vegas a little easier!

First, fast food options are pretty reasonably priced. McDonald’s, and In and Out Burger come to mind. Cheap fast eats to keep you going until you’re main meal of the day. You can also find $2 footlong hotdogs at casino royale! In and Out Burger in the Linq promenade is also open later than most restaurants on the strip ever since the pandemic hit. Late night eats are not easy to find anymore!

But we’re on vacation we don’t want to eat fast food!! So we hit up happy hour specials, or our very favorite thing to do is order shareable appetizers!! Appetizer menus in Las Vegas are robust there are so many options and the portions are usually really big! Our go to is almost always…NACHOS! One order of nachos is more than enough for a couple people and by sharing this one appetizer and a couple drinks we can usually have a filling lunch for $20-30 total! And where can you get some of the best nachos in Las Vegas?? Glad you asked!

Let’s start with none other than Nacho Daddy! Boasting a huge plate woth NO dry chips, this is an amazing tasty plate of food! Great beer and drink options too! Don’t forget your scorpian shot!

Next up an unexpectedly delicious nacho from the Budweiser Beer Park! Games, views, brews, and a fabulous shareable plate! This was the first time that I had ever had a plate of nachos with baked beans instead of black beans and it was great!!

You can’t talk about nachos without acknowledging the Volcano Nachos from Margaritaville! Yum!!

A new find on our last trip was the Still Located inside of Mirage, we enjoyed a delicious Chicken Nacho with ice cold beer!

TAP sports bar and grill at MGM has another nacho version. This one was Andy’s favorite! Available with beef or chicken! The house made corn tortilla chips were perfection!

Nachos are just one of the many shareable items that you can find! We stopped at Snacks All Day in the Mirage and shared a Turkey Club sandwich and fries! This sandwich was HUGE!

Remember there is a time and place for shareable foods. Fine dining establishments will not have as many of these options, as they are destinations in and of themselves so splurge a little at those locations and in-between enjoy an app! Tell us what you like to share and if you’ve found some great Las Vegas eats along the way! Enjoy!

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