The Donut Bar- downtown Las Vegas Review

Good morning! I have something awesome to share with you today! So if you read the last post on The D Las Vegas you know that the first leg of this trip was a downtown stay and the next morning we made a quick walk down to the Donut Bar Las Vegas and they did not disappoint! We recently found a youtube vlogger that covered this little out of the way spot and we knew we needed to see it for ourselves! If you walk down Fremont East toward the container park and right on 6th st it’s about a block down on the right hand side very easy to get to!

The restaurant is small and they have eliminated they’re outdoor seating until it’s safe with the pandemic protocols etc… So plan to get in and out with a box full of yummy goodness! The staff was very friendly and helpful. The selection when we were there at about 9am on a Saturday morning was good. This is a first come first serve place and once they are out of delicious donut’s they are closed for the day. So venture out early for this special treat to get the best selection.

If you know me you know that I LOVE creme brulee. It is my ultimate dessert and the Donut Bar has a unique creme brulee donut with a crunchy sugar coating. It was So good!! Lightly sweet not over powering, the custard was perfect and fresh you could see that they use vanilla beans instead of extracts. It was amazing and you even got that crunchy sugar cracking sound of a creme brulee! Amazing!

My hsuband tried their pb and j donut it was really good too. There was plenty of filling the donut was large and tasted a lot like a peanut butter and jelly samdwhich!

A trip to the donut bar made for a fun and interesting breakfast that day, and like I said the staff was great, the selection was great, the price was good too! I have nothing negative to add about this great little place! We even said hello to there tropical fish in a donut themed tank! So cute!

So heads up donut lovers! You might be missing out if you don’t make your way downtown one morning for a world famous donut bar donut! Huge donuts in unique flavors it’s a Vegas experience all on its own! Enjoy!

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