Time for a little fun! Vegas Baby!!

Well it’s been well over a year since our last trip to my favorite sunny spot Las Vegas! We had plans last summer, the pandemic laughed at that and immediately shut us down lol! So here we are over a year later and I am SO ready to go!

We’re mixing things up on this quick trip staying one night at the D hotel and casino in downtown Las Vegas, Fremont street. We have never stayed right on Fremont. We love the fun vibe of that area and often spend some time when we visit so this will be a fun change by staying there and really getting the full Fremont Experience. I’ll post a full review on The D, and while we’re in that area we’re planning a trip to the Las Vegas Donut Bar so stay tuned…I heard they have a creme brulee donut! I can’t wait! So stay tuned.

After a quick stay downtown we head back to Las Vegas Blvd. and have booked a stay at one of my absolute favorite places The Cosmopolitan. This is a stunning state of the art hotel right next to the Bellagio, it has a cool vintage vibe and this building is FULL of little tricks and surprises. I will most definitely be giving you the low down on this one!

We will be visiting some of our favorite spots along the way and I will let you know how the crowds and rules are being applied. Coronavirus has really thrown us for a loop but I’m confident that this will be a safe, fun trip and I can’t wait to share it with you all! We fly out Friday morning…Talk soon!

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