The Burning Snowman Fest, Port Clinton OH~ Review

Have you ever been so over the wintertime. The blah grey weather that descends after the holidays in the midwest is unbearable. The bitter cold, staying indoors all the time, and the lack of community activities to break up the monotony. Every year I get to February and it’s the longest short month of the entire year!! I was so excited to hear about Port Clinton’s premier winterfest, which for great reason they have named the Burning Snowman Fest!

On the last weekend in February for the past 6 years the community has come together on the beaches of lake Erie and burned a 25 foot snowman to the ground, to signal the end of winter! And all for charity!

The event tents open at 12pm with DJ’s and bands stationed in multiple areas. There are burning barrels on the beach to warm up by, and plenty of drinks to go around! You can get your picture with the sacrificial snowman before sundown! And simply enjoy the company and lively entertainment!

The burning takes place around 730pm, and then it’s off to Mr.Ed’s for some more entertainment and maybe a slice of pizza!

All in all this is a great event! I will say though, the website listed a few things like ice sculptures, and hot tubs…that simply were not there. So I think the PR team for the burning snowman need to make a few updates to their website. But they tied the event into the community by offering shuttles to other bars and restaurants who had live entertainment and food, as well as being well placed near downtown for a fun night to be had by all!

We will definitely be attending again, and maybe we will see you there too! Enjoy!!

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