Area 15 Las Vegas Review

Another Las Vegas”bucket list” item was checked off this week as we visited the new Area 15 complex. This is an off strip interactive art exhibit featuring works from several different artists. This is an immersive space created by co-founders the Fisher Brothers, and Beneville Studios it is located near interstate 15, it is recommended on their website to take a cab or uber/lyft to the location as there is limited parking. The complex is occupied by many tenants , the anchor tenant being the art collective known as Meow Wolf who were the first to establish a large interactive totally immersive art exhibit known as The Omega Mart, there are temporary spaces as well one currently occupied by the Van Gogh exhibit, as well as bar and restaurant tenants available within the complex. You could easily spend an entire day just visiting Area 15.

The experience begins outdoors with a small but very interesting display of various art works, then a quick check through security and in you go!

Once inside you’re immediately met with a dark black lit light show of sorts. It’s a lot to take in. There are no guides, and no directories the creators want people to “overcome the lack of imagination that plagues our society today and explore and find the places that intrigue them the most” I will say the Virgo in me hated that part lol! 😄

We had a but of an idea of what we wanted to see ahead of time by looking through their website. You can also buy various tickets online which is a great option! We decided to see the Omega Mart and the Van Gogh exhibit. There are other featured experiences though like Wink World (created by one of the Blue Man Group founders), Museum Fiasco, Brainstorm, and the indoor Axe Throwing Lounge, so find what you like and go for it!

We started at Omega Mart, created by the collective artists of Meow Wolf. You begin by checking into a strange, truly bizarre grocery store. And eventually find your way through secret openings and doorways into what I can only describe as a truly amazing sight to see.

I’m not going to share it all because I truly don’t want to ruin the surprises for you! All I will say is if you ever doubted whether or not you could be surprised or impressed go here, you’ll be blown away!

After hitting the Omega Mart we opted to see the Van Gogh exhibit, these exhibits are popping up all over the country each one slightly different than the others. But all focused on the life and works of Van Gogh. We upgraded out ticket for an additional $10 ea to include the VR tour, this is completely worth it! It was amazing!!

We were there for about 4 hours and left feeling like we had a full day! I also like that I can return here and see other exhibits and have a completely different experience! I highly highly recommend you take some time to check this out! Kudos to the artists who contributed to this project as well, it was outstanding!

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