Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Review ~One Bedroom Fountain View

So part two of our trip we stayed at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. I love this resort! We have stayed here before and they do not disappoint! Although this is one of the priciest hotels in Las Vegas it is well worth the extra money for the hospitality, the niche restaurants and bar concepts, amazing atmosphere and art, and the quality of the rooms and the views are amazing.

We booked a one bedroom suite with fountain views and upon check in our room was not quite ready so we asked for the highest floor available and they accommodated that request perfectly we ended up on the 56th floor. The room was gorgeous, and that view, oh my goodness what an amazing experience. The Cosmopolitan is very unique in that it was originally designed to be condos and so all of the suites have outdoor balcony areas that just add so much to your room experience! here are a few pics of the room.

And day time and night time looks at that amazing view!

Because our room was so high up we could see the fountains but could not hear the music from the fountains. You do get a little street noise. But with the lower floors you miss out on the mountain views a bit more. I loved every bit of this view!

Ok so enough about this magical room and view, let’s discuss this resort for minute. This hotel is full of “little secrets”. What does that mean well let me explain. One the first floor there is a barbershop…if you walk through the janitors door of the barbershop your in the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails “secret” speakeasy, it’s a full bar with live entertainment! A very cool vibe. Because of capacity limits you must have a reservation and be ready because a reservation for 2 comes with a hefty $250 food and drink minimum!

In the center of the casino you’ll notice a huge gorgeous pink Chandlier, this is also a multi-tiered bar with specialty cocktails and a new theme and style in each of the tiers. Drinks here arent cheap but the atmosphere is outstanding and how many time can you say you sat inside of a chandelier and had drinks with friends. Be sure to check this one out! Reservations are also recommended here because of the 50% capacity limits right now in Las Vegas.

Another great secret and probably one that has enough street cred that it’s not such a secret anymore is Secret Pizza! On the 3rd floor you’ll find a long dimly hallway with album covers on the wall. When you reach the end you’ll find the cutest little pizza shop with hand tossed pizza and canoli’s, and it is seriously yummy. It’s also open very late so a great place to stop on the way back to your room…or here’s another great secret! If you’re a guest at The Cosmopolitan, you can skip the lines (and they are long) and order Secret pizza from room service and have it delivered right to your door! If you want the whole experience there is No reservation needed here but be prepared to wait! This place often had lines pre-pandemic but it’s very much worth the wait!

Just when you thought there couldn’t be another secret spot in this place you encounter Beauty and Essex! From the outside this looks like a pawn shop, and yes you can shop the items in the pawn shop or walk tp the back and enter through an “employees only” entrance where you will be wildly surprised by a jewelry box themed multi-room upscale restaurant! We had dinner here and the Food was SO good!! We had the French dip starter, two shareable entree’s the Chicken Meatballs with Ricotta, and Seared Scallops, and finally the wonder wheel shareable dessert wheel with a variety of desserts! Below are some pics!

This is a high end restaurant so be ready to for the price tag! A meal for two with tax and tip cost around $200.

Now , it’s not all cocktails and food that will surprise you. You can text Rose for a FREE guided photo tour through the entire hotel! She’ll take everywhere from fantastic art murals in the parking garage to bathtub with disco balls on the 2nd floor for a selfie photo shoot like none other! If you get a chance give it a try it really was a neat way to find a lot of unique features in this hotel!

There are a couple other surprises hidden in the depths of the Cosmopolitan and as much as I’d love to share them all…let’s leave with a little mystery for you to find on your own adventure! I highly recommend this beautiful place and all of the friendly helpful staff that we met there along the way! Enjoy!

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