2022 The Year of Adventures!

It’s that time of year again where I start to reflect on the past year and all the good times, trying times, and truly God given opportunities that have graced me and my family this year. Let’s start at the beginning!

We rang in the new year casually with a few close friends here at our home. It was awesome to have the original fab five together for a fun evening! My friends and family really do mean the world to me!

That same month we made a trip out to one of our favorite destinations, LasVegas!

February meant a weekend trip with Amber and Eric Campbell to Grand Rapids for Bourbon Fest! This was our first time attending and I have to say it was a very nicely coordinated event in a really lovely venue. It was packed but we had a great time! Such a great time that I have very few photos lol 😆!

The end of February meant the winter send off via the burning snowman festival in Port clinton Ohio!

March brought with it a very sad goodbye. My Uncle J.J. Simmons passed away peacefully at home under the care of Aunt Barb. There are no words to say that would truly honor the man that he was. He raised three amazing children, loved his grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors…really everyone. He was the true embodiment of Love. He coached, taught, and fought for the little guys always. He and my Aunt Barb rarely missed a major event in our lives growing up and I always new He was there because instead of clapping or whistling…he barked. Yes, he barked like the big loud self proclaimed “Junk Yard Dog” that he was. It was a welcome noise over the din of an auditorium, and never failed make us all smile. He will be truly and forever missed by all who knew him. Please say a few prayers for my Aunt Barb as she navigates her life without him. God Bless Jay Simmons, Rest easy.

The Spring brought with it the start of the boating season! We enjoyed every minute of it. We soaked in the trips to the islands, long walks, live music, great food, great drinks, and great friends! We watched what seemed like a hundred beautiful sunsets and I can’t wait to make more memories on the lake!

Our boat got her new name this year, now affectionately known as “The other side”

September meant another big event, my brother got married!!! I am so happy to add Samantha “Sam” Alldaffer to our family! More than that though I am so happy that my brother found someone who brings him so much joy. We love you both! ❤️

This also meant that I got to spend some fun quality time with my Mom and Brianna to choose a mother of the groom dress for the wedding. It was so much fun!

98thAnd this brings us the last chapter of this year, the Fall/Winter season. We enjoyed the boat until the end of October. Co-hosted a Halloween Party with John and Arlene Bombalicki, We saw Logan’s seventh year in heaven. We welcomed one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen with the Alexis Ostranders addition of Gabriella Nicole Mae Asbury, we completed our first flip house which is now under contract on the sale hopefully finalizing in a couple weeks, attended the yacht club holiday party where yours truly was sworn in as the fleet captain for the 2023 season, made a million pumpkin rolls amd zucchini breads to help Brianna with expenses for her study abroad trip to Antigua and Barbuda, and then started to prepare our own home for the holiday season!

All I can say is what a blessing 2022 has been!! Thank you to everyone who was a part of our adventures this year. This year will be a tough one to beat! ❤️❤️ God Bless. See you next year!

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