The D Casino Resort Las Vegas – Review

We are currently vacationing in beautiful Las Vegas and broke our trip into a couple parts. One night on Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas and 2 nights on the Las Vegas Strip.

Our first night’s stay was on Fremont St. at The D hotel and casino. The D is located directly on Fremont St. It’s known for the long bar and the American coney island restaurant. We arrived in the afternoon and had no trouble getting right into our room. We were on the fifth floor with a standard room.

Some pros for this hotel. The location you are right in the middle of the Fremont St action. If you don’t want a long walk to get to other casinos, entertainment, bars and restaurants tge D is in a great spot. Also, Fremont St is known to be slightly less expensive typically, however we did notice this time that those prices are starting to creep up there a little. Another Pro of this hotel is it’s partnered with the brand new Circa Hotel. If you stay at the D you get FREE access to Circa’s stadium pool where general admission is usually $30/person

The room was simple, a pretty typical hotel experience. We read a few reviews about the noise levels from the Fremont St Experience and although we could here the street noise it was not so loud that we were unable to sleep. Fremont St in general is very noisy so if you’re bothered by that this may not be a good choice for you.

Views on Fremont St are not great because of the LED canopy covering the street we were just low enough that we could see some of the lights but this is also not a place to go for a view.

So all in all was it a good stay yes but not necessarily because of the hotel itself. The downtown area is very up and coming. There’s a lot of history here and we found a couple new places that I’ll share in additional reviews including The Donut Bar, the Newly renovated Whiskey Lickers Saloon, and Don’t Tell Mama! So stay tuned for all the info on those locations!

Side note for those curious about the volume of people here it is very busy. And there is a 50/50 mix of mask wearing. Although we noticed local authorities are doing a lot to monitor and keep people in compliance with mask requirements etc… Please know that all of the outdoor seating has been removed from non-bar and restaurant areas (no public benches) to avoid having people congregate. We did not have a difficult time getting into places to eat without a reservation on Fremont St. We thoroughly enjoyed a nice deli style sandwich at Saginaw’s Deli in Circa while we were there. A little pricey but delicious.

Pictured here the Derek’s Favorite Roast Beef and Salami on Rye at Saginaw’s Deli

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