Townie’s Brewery Ann Arbor, Review

Time to get out and about for a bit. Covid-19 has really put a damper on our regular outings and I was SO tired of being cooped up!

Michigan has imposed more lock downs on restaurants and bars all over the state and these businesses are doing their best to be accommodating despite the regulations! So we decided to get out there and do what we do best in support of one of these local businesses!

Which is what brought us out to lunch at Townie’s Brewery in Ann Arbor Michigan! We found Townies listed on mlive as one of the top 5 igloo dining locations in Ann Arbor. We confirmed a lunch menu was available, booked our igloo for 1230p (an added cost of $10)  and off we go! 

When we arrived it was pretty quite but they open at 12p and we had one of the first reservations slots for the day so that is to be expected. The staff was super friendly and the drink menu is awesome! We ordered a buffalo chicken taco, and an order of loaded Macaroni and Cheese.

Once our order was placed and we had drinks in hand we were shown out to our igloo.

The igloos are small heated spaces with picnic tables or in some cases adirondack style chairs comfy enough for a quick lunch for sure! Some of the igloos will hold up to 8 people comfortably.

There is no wait staff for the outdoor areas you simply go to the bar to get more drinks, and when your food is ready they text or call and you go to food truck parked at the front of the building to get your meal. It was a simple and effective way to meet the state requirements for a low contact experience.

The food was really good too!

The buffalo chicken taco was a nice size with just enough spice. The chicken was juicy and it really hit the spot.

The loaded macaroni and cheese was topped with nashville hot chicken, jalapenos, green onions and lots of yummy melty cheese. The rub seasoning on the chicken was awesome! It was slightly sweet with just enough heat and again the chicken was juicy and all in all well prepared!

I’d say it was a successful trip! If you’re in the area go online and book an igloo at Townie’s Brewery, and Enjoy!

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