Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR Restaurant Las Vegas

I don’t often attempt reviews but this place is great, and so I thought I would share. While on vacation recently in Las Vegas Andy and I had dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s BurGR restaurant located inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. The outside of the restaurant has a gorgeous fire feature within the wall signage you can’t miss it! 

There is a hostess at the door ready to seat you and although it seemed like a lengthy line we were seated quickly, in a comfortable table for two on the main floor. I will say this though…it’s very very noisy in here. The music and crowd noise from the casino floor coupled with the open kitchen format and busy wait staff. It was audibly a bit of an over load. 

The waitress was prompt took our drink orders and allowed us to peruse the menu for a few.  The menu has a nice selection of starters, and honestly the most delicious assortment of burgers you could ever ask for. Everything from the Hell’s Kitchen burger to the Patriot burger, they all sounded wonderful to me! If burgers aren’t your thing then he offers hot dogs and an assortment of other options but…you did come to a restaurant called BurGR lol! 

We started with an appetizer, the mushroom poutine sounded good. A poutine is a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. Something a little different than we would normally get because hey we’re on vacation, right!! The mushroom poutine was awesome! It was flavorful the fries were crispy, the mushrooms were delicious, and it had these Devine pickled shallots on top that were seriously so good!! A++ appetizer you should definitely give it a try!

For our main course I order the house special “hog burger”, and Andy ordered the “blue cheeseburger”. We also ordered a side of truffle Parmesan fries. 

The Hog burger consists of a literal “ham” burger patty wrapped in bacon, and topped with pickles, pulled pork, cheese, fried onions, and slaw. Although awkward to eat because this thing is huge! Every bite was perfect, hands down the best burger I’ve had in a long time! 

Andy thoroughly enjoyed his burger as well, and the truffle Parmesan fries were so good but we were so full!!! We couldn’t even finish everything. 

Bottom line here great restaurant for a moderate price point. Hope you all get the chance to visit it sometime! Gordon Ramsey gets a big thumbs up (he’s probably been dying for my approval lol 😂) Enjoy!! 

Bahamian Food-cation

Reposted from January 2012

 A week or so ago I encouraged you all to experience your own food-cations and in the meantime I have had one of my own.  We visited the famed Atlantis Resort onParadise Island, in Nassau Bahamas.  The resort was beautiful, and elegant, and definately carried the aquatic theme throughout.  You could see the sea turtle and sting ray habitats from the balcony of our room, as well as a breathtaking view of the ocean. 


The Bahamian citizens are friendly, and always willing to share with you little bits about the island and it’s history and culture.  They are also encouraging of their local foods a common ingredient in bahamian food the conch. Conch are the little critters that you find in the big pink sea shells, and they can be found everywhere on the island.

Conch fritters are a particular favorite, as well as conch salad. Conch fritters are a savory pastry type food, reminiscent for me of an American hushpuppy. The conch is cut in to very small pieces, and incorporated into a batter that is then deep fried. It has a crispy bite on the outside but a soft bread texture in the center. Very tasty! Often served with a dipping sauce this is a must have when visiting the bahamas.

There is one particular place to visit when looking for the most authentic Bahamian food, at a reasonable price. The Fish Fry.  The fish fry is a specific area of Nassau where local fare takes center stage, and you can find everything from beans and rice, chicken souse, and the freshest snapper and grouper you’ve ever tasted!  Known for the seafood in the area, the fish fry is well priced for the amount of food you get, and is authentic to the area which is a must for any food-cation!  A seafood celebration in the bahamas!

There are still moments on any food-cation where you want “normal” food, and  at Atlantis it will cost you! An average meal within the resort will easily run you $50/adult or around $200/meal for a family of 4-5.  There are alternatives though you just have to seek them out. One favorite for my kids while on resort an American favorite; Johnny Rockets! At a third of the price of the resort meals, you can get a great burger, fries, and soft drink that will definately fill you up and is just a short walk away in the Marina Village, surrounded by shopping areas, and other touristy attractions, this was a nice stop for us. 

Johnny Rockets, Grilled Chicken Sandwhich and Fries

Another great way to beat the money monster that is Atlantis, order Dominos Pizza! They will deliver to the Lobby of the resort, and two large pizzas and a 2L of pop cost only $30.00! Not my favorite but the kids would choose this over conch salad any day, and this was one of their favorite meals.

Although bahamian food presentation is much simpler than other places that I visited, it is full of flavor, and a source of pride for the bahamian people. Rightly so, I couldn’t get enough it was so delicious, and now to find fresh conch in Michigan…hmmm… that one might be tough.  Happy eating everyone!