Ghost Donkey Bar Las Vegas Review

Vegas wouldn’t be the same without finding another little secret at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. This time it was the ghost donkey bar.

To find this hidden gem head up the escalator to the second floor, and enter the food court area, behind the booth seating on the side there is a small door with a donkey sticker on it. This is the entrance to the ghost donkey bar! There is no other signage to this location, find the little donkey and you are there!

This is a small venue, dark with music playing and limited seating.

They offer a specialty drink menu and small appetizer type snacking menu.

We ordered a mucho take it easy and a tropical burro. Most of the drinks on this menu are tequila based, but they do offer a full bar if you want something else. The presentations of these drinks were great, they tasted very good, and Andy’s drink came with a little plastic donkey, so cute!!

So what do you do when you’re given a little donkey? You take him on a grand adventure of course!

Needless to say the Donkey bar was great, and our new little friend had a great time too! We highly recommend that you go on a little adventure and find the Ghost Donkey bar, you never know what kind of fun will ensue! Enjoy!!

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