Easter cupcake ideas

As Easter approaches I always love to go to some of my favorite websites and blog pages and see what these amazingly talented people have come up with for the Easter holiday. During my explorations this time I found my self deep in the Easter cupcake zone lol!

I enjoyed some of the simple designs that I felt like anyone could do amd look like a pro. Using just a simple icing technique or a fun combination of sprinkles!

c/o Taste and Tell
c/o Fun Cakes

I also enjoyed the designs that had fun surprises inside. Like these!

c/o Wilton
c/o Betty Crocker

And then there were those using uniquely cute containers. I once baked cupcakes inside of egg shells and filled them with icing. The kids had to peel them like hard boiled eggs. So fun!

c/o Boulder Locavore
c/o The Decorated Cookie

No matter how elaborate your Easter treats are I’m sure they will come out beautifully. Feel free to share them with me in the comments I’d love to see them! Happy Easter season!

c/o Carnation

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