Remember those resolutions? 

So last January, I blogged about my new year’s resolutions. I’m not really a resolution kind of girl. Its not typical of me I should say. I had a few specific goals…

1. Become a morning person 

2. Stop procrastinating

3. Do more of what I love! 

Well I’m happy to report that I have done a pretty good job of at least two of these things. I have taken more time to do what I love. I have cooked, blogged, decorated, crafted, and done so many things this year that I really love! I hope you did too! Also I have done a better job, although not perfect, of stopping my procrastinating ways and trying to get things done right away! It makes a huge difference! 

Now about that morning person thing….How do you people do this!! I hate getting up early, and I can’t seem to force myself out of bed until the very last warm snuggly minute lol! I’m open to advice here folks! I still think I could make an early morning routine work for me. I’m open to hearing your ideas!

 I might try setting some new resolutions for 2018. I’ll keep you posted!

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