I think I’m in love with my instant pot! 

So, I received a really nice gift from my mother and father in law, an instant pot! If you’ve never heard of this it’s simply a multi-functional cook pot that resembles a slow cooker. Instead of a crock though the inner pot is coated aluminum, and the lid has a gasket that allows steam to trap inside the pot like a pressure cooker. But besides slow cooking, and pressure cooking, you can steam veggies, cook rice, cook beans and lentils, saute meat, and can be used for canning! 

The nice part about this handy kitchen gadget is it can cook foods that are frozen an it’s FAST! 

I’ve already made chili using frozen meat, and tonight I cooked an entire stuffed chicken in less than hour! It’s amazing!! I feel like a Ronco commercial lol!! Set it and forget it! 😂

So if your looking for a tool that will really make life a little easier in the kitchen consider an instant pot! You’ll love it, just like I love mine! Happy cooking everyone! 

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