The Ski Lodge at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas~Review

There is something new and special at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and you should definitely go and check it out!! Like right now, GO it’s SO much fun!!

In the former dinner club space known as Rose,Rabbit,Lie you can now find the italian fusion bar experience of your freakiest dreams known as Superfrico. This is a whole new dinner experience something that will hit all of your senses all at once in wondrous ways. And connected to this light, and sound dinner experience is a speak easy style bar called the Ski Lodge.

When you arrive at the venue you will be asked where it is you are trying to go. As there are a few options. Superfrico (the dinner experience), Opium (the cirque show), or the Ski lodge. Once they know where you want to be you enter the room of doors. And you wait for them find you to show you where to go.

Once inside you’ll find a small venue with a ski lodge feel, dark, cozy, with some humorous touches, and snow falling in the background behind the bar.

The menu has drinks and light bites, a little on the pricey side but the unique atmosphere, and mixology are worth given this a try, so don’t let that deter you!

I tried the Slava’s snowstorm, and the Southside snowplow. Two very different drinks, but they were both wonderful!

Slava’s snowstorm is a chilled coffee liquor based drink topped off with a warm coconut foam. The contrast of the warm to cold and sweet thick foam mixing with the cold coffee flavor was fantastic!

The Southside snowplow was a gin based drink with mint, cucumber, and light citrus flavors. It was presented in a glowing glass with a mint and kumquat garnish. It was beautiful, refreshing, and delicious!

While enjoying our drinks, part of the Superfrico dinner entertainment crew entered the ski lodge and we were suddenly in the middle of a musical performance, the lighting changed, and the performers were great, it was a neat little surprise!

Andy enjoyed a couple of drinks too. He had a salty snowdog, and a Yakuza. The salty snow dog was a grapefruit based drink with a salted rim, and the Yakuza is very similar to an old fashioned. They used a cute stamp on the ice cube so there were penguins imprinted on his ice cube, it’s little touches like these that make this such and interesting experience!

All said the Ski Lodge might be a new favorite for me! I was entertained the whole time, loved trying the new unique drinks. For groups they offer a shotski which holds 4-6 hot chocolate shots or house made fireball shots your choice. We watched two groups give the ski a try! It was a lot of fun!! Cheers!

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