Gratitude and Change

I have been wanting to post for so long but life has gotten in my way again and again. So here I am the week of Thanksgiving and I have so many things to update everyone on just in time for the holiday!

This time of year I become really reflective. I think about my family, our friends, the wonderful, happy, and sad and maddening things that the year has brought us. And I find myself feeling really thankful. Thankful for all of the people in my circle, thankful for all the hard work we put in so we can reap deep rewards and share it with our friends. Thankful to see our kids thrive and grow in their adult lives. Thankful for new friendships. And yes, thankful for graceful “home goings”.

September brought SO much change to our lives that it was almost mind numbing. Some of the happiest and saddest moments all occured within just two weeks, and then it never really stopped spinning. Until now when I feel like I can dissect it here in the pages of this blog. So Let’s start with something happy but also a little stressful. 

September 20th, I started a new job. Yes, again lol. The position I was in at Coldwater Hospital was wonderful, but the call schedule was not even close to conducive to living the lifestyle we like. I was always on call…or at least it felt that way. I was fortunate to find the perfect fit as a Sonographer for an IHA doctors office in Ypsilanti, MI. Office jobs mean, no call, no weekends, and no holidays, the perfect fit to our boating lifestyle, and a day shift means more time with Andy in the evenings. So this was a great decision. I am in a busy practice 5 days a week, my coworkers are great, and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me! And where one door opens….another is closed. Which brings me to my next big change.

On September 29, we said our final goodbyes to our garden center as we sold it to new owners. We were very blessed in the transaction and I’m happy with the way things turned out. Especially after a prior deal soured just 2 weeks before closing with a less savory buyer. The new owners are wanting to take the little garden we grew for the past 8 years and maybe grow it a little more. I’m thrilled to see them keep it as a garden center, and I’m happy for the community of customers who loved our little place. So this was both a little happy and a little sad. But, now we move on to new adventures.

And for some sad news on September 27th, we had to say goodbye to our beloved golden retriever Yukon. Yukie was the Best boy and I miss him SO much! This big red retriever literally held me up through some very hard times, he snuggled and loved on Logan when he was sick, he soaked up my tears after Logan died. I was always one to really connect with my pets but this dog was truly truly special. He is missed and loved and now with our Logan in heaven.

And all of that took place in a two week time span!! I’m exhausted lol! But we found some time to enjoy the boat before putting her away for the winter. Celebrated the wedding of our cousin John and his wife Arlene also our marina -mates in port clinton. I was honored to do the floral work for the wedding everything turned out so beautifully and I could not be happier for John and Arlene I hope they have many amazing years together!

Now as for most recently a series of sad goodbyes. A close friend lost her Mom, and on the day of her funeral we learned of the sudden passing of my husband’s Aunt. Aunt Debie was wonderful, I rarely remember a time when she wasn’t smiling or laughing. She loved her family, doted on her grandkids, and lived her life fully, she will be missed everyday.  A few days later the wife of a highschool friend left this earth leaving he and their young daughter’s to miss her this holiday season. But the one that struck me in the heart was the passing of Kellen. Kellen’s Mom Jennifer was Logan’s radiation therapist and just a year or so after Logan was diagnosed, her son was diagnosed with a different but very aggressive form of cancer. He fought for over a decade. A DECADE. Of appointments, pokes, treatments, surgeries, celebrations…I just can’t imagine, a decade. Logan’s fight was 5 of the longest years of my life. And my heart aches for our friends as they navigate through this terrible time. So, for this I say, tell people you love them, tell them you appreciate them, don’t shut them out of your life, be present, be active in writing your story and include as many people as you possibly can. It’s worth it, I promise.

Aunt Debie

And still, life just keeps moving forward. Andy has been diligently working on the renovations for a home we purchased. We are still discussing the ultimate plan for the house do we sell it or rent it out.  Who knows, I guess that’s part of the fun of starting something new. I just love that we can breathe new life into the defunct little 1920’s bungalow home. And what is even sweeter is that it sits the neighborhood where he grew up, and one street over from our first home together. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

But that’s not all…We also hosted a cornhole tournament for the downtown chili cook off with some friends, took Brianna and Evelyn to Cedar Point for Halloweekends, and still found time to set up my new wreath/craft room in the barn which will be well used here starting this weekend!

So many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving for sure. Don’t forget to reflect on your own successes this season. Sending our love. ~The Bailey’s 

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