Happy Anniversary!

This summer is going by so fast! This past weekend Andy and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, we had a great weekend in Port Clinton! I have so much to share with you!

We headed down to the boat on Saturday morning, got to work on some heavy duty cleaning and upgrades. I worked on cleaning the cabin. We scrubbed the upholstery, vinyl accents, mattress cleaning, and scrubbed down appliances and cupboards. It feels so much nicer now! I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with deep cleaning (I’m a weirdo I know lol). I spot cleaned stains using Tuff Stuff multipurpose foaming cleanser this stuff is so great at removing tough stains! Next I hand washed all of the surfaces with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Peroxide does wonders for brightening up dingy upholstery, disinfecting, and is an antifungal! The two products combined make things look like new!

While I was scrubbing the cabin Andy was working wonders on the deck! He installed the new Garmin chart plotter and eliminated electronics that we didn’t need. Making it look so much nicer. Then we washed down the deck, and snapped in the freshly cleaned carpets. I’ll go over that process in just a minute here is the before and after of the helm it’s not a super dramatic change but in person it looks so much nicer!

A few pics of the deck and cabin after a good cleaning too!

Ok, now let’s talk about the deck carpets! These things were filthy! They had stains, wear patterns, some before pics below…they were gross!

These are also older carpets and the backing is a little brittle so we can’t use a power washer to help clean them. We brought them home, spread them out on the patio and I started by spot cleaning the stains with the same tuff stuff multipurpose cleaner that I mentioned earlier. Some of the really bad spots I cleaned 2 or 3 times until I was satisfied that they were as good as they were going to get.  Then I let them air dry overnight.

The next day I soaked them with a garden hose and used oxy clean powdered laundry detergent sprinkling it generously all over the carpets. Then I took a soft bristled brush and scrubbed them like crazy! The powdered soap helps to loosen dirt stuck in fibers of the carpet but then dissolves away so it can be thoroughly rinsed out, it works great! After every inch is scrubbed including the canvas edging rinse thoroughly and then look for stubborn areas that still show stains or shadows. For these areas we sprayed turtle wax brand foaming carpet and upholstery cleaner brushed it in and then more Oxy clean and rinsed it out really good! They came out great!

I left them out to dry and we reinstalled them Saturday! What a difference!

So you’re probably thinking all these poor people did for their Anniversary was clean lol! 🤣 But, shortly after this we did get around and head out for a night in Port Clinton! Hit up a few of our favorite places and listened to an awesome band downtown called The Skittle Bots! They were so good! Blending Rap, Rock, and Pop…so talented, click on the band name to check out a video from that night! We danced, we sang, we enjoyed a couple cocktails, and just had fun!

Sunday Brianna and Tristan joined us for a trip on the lake, we had a nice relaxing day! The girls headed back and we had dinner at Jolly Rogers Seafood in Port Clinton, I will post a separate full review but this place was great! Definitely give it a try if you’re in the area! The rest of the evening was spent going for a walk, kicking back listening to some music. It was an awesome weekend!

I thinks that’s it on this one. I will follow up tomorrow with the full Jolly Roger’s review! And check out the new podcast on Spotify!! Barnwood and baked goods! Enjoy!!

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