Rosy Ramos

Let’s put that fresh rose water to work! This tasty cocktail has a fresh flavor that I think you’ll love!

Meet the Rosy Ramos!

As far as I can tell this cocktail was first introduced by the Grey Goose Vodka brand. It has an heir of sophistication and romance. With a bright citrus undertone, it’s perfect for a date night or girls night. The frothy egg whites create a luscious smoothness that I really love!

Here is what you need!

2 parts citron Vodka

0.75 parts Raspberry Syrup or Grenadine

0.75 parts lemon juice

0.25 parts rose water

And 1 tsp egg whites.

Add all ingredients to a drink shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, strain into a glass and serve immediately. Enjoy!

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