Homemade Rose Water

Did you get a beautiful bouquet of roses for Valentines Day? As the blooms begin to wilt back consider making your own homemade rose water! It’s easy and rose water smells great and has a ton everyday uses! Let’s explore….

First off what is Rose water? Rose water is the product of steeped or distilled rose petals a fragrant and flavorful water.

Rose water can be used on the skin it has some antibiotic and antibacterial properties. It’s great for sun burns and to help with scar healing. Many beauty experts recommend it to freshen and brighten the skin. It can also be used as a fabric refresher.

Many don’t realize though that it’s also a fragrant and flavorful food. Rose water has long been used to flavor things like cookies, cakes, yogurts, tea, juices and cocktails. It’s full of vitamins!

Rose water can be expensive to buy ranging anywhere from $7-27.00/bottle and in sizes from 4oz. to 14oz. If you have the roses available though you are in luck because making your own is easy! It’s important to use organic roses if possible to keep other impurities out of your rose water. And dyed roses definitely will not work so keep this in mind! Here’s what you need!

The petals of 6 medium or large roses.

1-2 c. Boiling water

A large pot with a lid

A small ceramic bowl

4-6c of Ice

To start remove the petals from the roses and rinse them thoroughly under gentle running water.

In the large pot place the ceramic bowl in the center. Place petals around the outside of the bowl. Pour boiling water over the petals, and turn heat to medium high. Bring to a low boil. Place lid on the pot upside down and add 1c at a time of ice to the top of the lid allow to melt, spoon excess water off the lid as needed. As the ice melts it will cause the water in the pot to condensate/distill into the ceramic bowl inside of the pot. And that my friends is your rose water! I put mine in a sealable glass jar or bottle it can be stored refrigerated up to one month, or unrefrigerated for 1 week, that’s it! Enjoy!

Stay tuned…I’ll share a divine rosewater cocktail recipe with you soon! 🌹🍸

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