Boozy Black Forest Trifle Cups

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you want to consider making something sweet for your sweety try a boozy black forest trifle! This is a great way to use those brandied cherries that we made not to long ago!

Black forest trifle is a layered dessert based on the flavors of it’s famous cousin the black forest cake. This cake was derived in Germany roughly around 1915. It is known for it’s chocolate sponge cake, tart charry filling and light whipped frosting. It was often decorated with additional Maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings.

I have a couple special touches for this dessert first the cherries, I use the brandied cherries as well as some additional fresh or frozen cherries. The brandy adds a great flavor! In the traditional recipe the cherries were sometimes paired with rum. I also used some coffee over the cake it helps bring out that amazing chocolate flavor, and finally I richen up the whipped cream filling in the trifle with cream cheese, and vanilla, you really can’t go wrong! Here is what you need!

1 box dark chocolate cake mix prepared according to directions

1/2c. Brewed coffee

1/2c. Brandied cherries

1c. Fresh or frozen cherries

1/2 c granulated sugar

1/4c. Water

1c. Whipped topping

4oz. Cream cheese

1tsp vanilla

1/4 c powdered sugar

1/4c. Brandy from cherries

Chocolate shavings for garnish

Prepare your cake and pour coffee evenly over the top of the baked cake. Set aside.

In a large sauce pan add brandied cherries, fresh/frozen cherries, sugar, and water. Cook over medium high heat until the cherries are soft and the sauce is thick and syrupy. Remove from heat and chill.

In a large mixing bowl combine whipped topping, cream cheese, vanilla, and powdered sugar. Mix until smooth and well blended.

Select your cups or use a large trifle bowl. Layer the cake, cherries and whipped topping until the cup is full add additional brandy and end with the whipped topping and top with chocolate shavings. Serve chilled and enjoy! Happy Valentine’s!

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