Grilled meatloaf with hashbrowns

As summer is coming to a close we have been really stretching our outdoor time as much as possible and that means lots of grilling and relaxing patio time!

We wanted to grill out but have been getting a little tired of the same old things , chicken, burgers, steaks, etc… I thought I was doing good last weekend when I made simple shrimp and sausage skewers with summer side dishes. But today I got a little more creative and made grilled meatloaf with hashbrown patties, grilled pineapple, and fresh buttered green beans! It was So good! A perfect blend of summer grilling and Autumn soul food.

Here is what you need to make this amazing home cooked meal from the grill!

For Meatloaf

1lb lean ground beef

1/2c. Cooked white rice

1 egg

1 packet McCormick meatloaf seasoning

1/4c. Ketchup

Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all of the above ingredients. For into burger style patties. Cook on medium heat (we cooked over charcoal) turning once until medium doneness. Add more ketchup to the top of each meatloaf burger and allow to cook a minute more.

For Hashbrown patties

2 c. Grated golden potatoes

1 lg egg

2 Tbsp chopped green onion

Salt and pepper to taste

Oil for cooking

Combine all of the ingredients above in a large bowl. In a large skillet heat oil. Drop large spoonfuls of potato mixture into the pan and press flat. Allow to cook until browned, turn and brown the other side. Allow the edges to get crispy.

Serve the hash brown with your meatloaf patty and enjoy!

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