Sunday Side Dish

Happy summer Sunday everyone! This is the first Sunday Since March that the garden center has-been closed so I’m taking advantage of a nice quiet day at home. And you know what that means!  I’m cooking!!

Tonight’s dinner consisted of applewood bacon seasoned pork roast, and a side dish of Swiss chard with wild rice! For dessert I utilized my new Pampered Chef ice cream maker and prepared homemade strawberry ice-cream! Everything has been so delicious. Thought I would share my recipe for the Swiss Chard side dish with you all it light flavorful and delicious, and you could pair it with a number if main dish recipes.

The chard I am using I grew myself! I added a small veggie garden as a demo station at the garden center and my first harvest was yesterday! So it’s nice to see fresh veggies straight from my own garden!


Swiss chard is a beautiful leafy vegetable with colorful stems, I liken it to collard greens, you can cook the stems and leaves they have a light balanced flavor and absorb seasoning well.


Here’s what you need for today’s recipe.

1 bunch Swiss chard chopped

2c. Long grain rice cooked according to package directions

1/4c. Butter

3 cloves garlic

1/4 tap onion powder

Black pepper to taste

Optional pan drippings from main course protein. I used the bits of bacon and juice from the pork tenderloin tonight and it was awesome!

In a large sauce pan melt butter add garlic, and Swiss chard. Cooking until chard is crisp tender. Add the rice and additional seasoning. Heat through and serve with your choice of main dish! Enjoy!



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