Getting started on those resolutions! 

Ok so I have to make concious decisions and put in the effort if I intend to achieve my goals. Setting them is not enough by itself. It’s time to get to work!

I joined the local YMCA. There are other gym options that I think I might have preferred but my daughter Brianna has friends with memberships too and so this made more sense for now. 

The Jackson YMCA is actually a pretty nice place. However you have to get past the overwhelming smell of chlorine when you first enter the facility. It was really strong today!! 😝 But the fitness center is usually very clean and the staff is always super friendly! 

I’m going to go back to the beginning for just a minute….did I mention I registered online?! I did! It worked great the information was accurate on arrival and my check in was super fast! Good job YMCA tech team that was a major upgrade! 

Ok back to the gym I made my first trip of the year this evening. Ran a little more than a mile and concentrated on my upper body workout. It felt good, but I had gotten used to working out with my bff Amber this was a lonely workout! 

I mentioned to my husband that it was super busy Tonite and he said great lots of people to talk too! I was like …wait…what?! I’m not talking to strangers!!! Lol a little cliche I guess for a gal with a blog! I basically talk to strangers all the time! 😂

So here’s the question when your working out do you talk to people at the gym that you don’t know? I don’t think I could! So if your chatty Cathy at the gym how do you go about that? Now I’m curious! I’ll keep you posted on my work out adventures! Have a great night! 

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