Halloween planning! 

Halloween has always been one of my favorite calendar days. I raised my kids with the idea that Halloween was something really special. We would dress up, decorate the house inside and out. When they were little we travelled to see family and friends all dressed up and as they got older we began to host get togethers at the house where we could all have a little festive fun. Well, as the years have gone on our Halloween party has gotten a little bigger each year… Last year was the biggest yet and here’s the fun part there is usually a fun theme to play around with! 

We’ve done Alice in Wonderland, my BFF and I went as Big Alice and Little Alice lol. 

And last year’s party was Great Gatsby style with lots of bling! 

This year we took to social media and let the people vote! So we are now planning a Steampunk Carnival/Circus themed Halloween Extravaganza! I am transforming the barn into a dark circus tent with lots of hidden surprises! The decorations have started to roll in and we begin the process of transforming the barn this weekend! Guests are asked to bring their own drinks and a passing dish (this is an adult atmosphere so no little ones this time). We’ll have some fun games, and the DJ is confirmed! As always all are welcome! 

See you at our dark funky fun carnival friends, festivities take place October 21st! 

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