Tour the Town!

During a recent hangout with my BFF Amber, we decided we wanted to inspire something a little different for 2019. We were talking about some of the Instagram pages that really strike us, how the imagery makes us want to do more, and travel more, and eat more, and figure out internet fame! We cracked up over how popular some pages are and for such simple content. This discussion became a rabbit hole of ideas and before we new what was happening we were starting something pretty awesome!

We have decided to take 2019 and discover everything we can about our own hometown, and any other place that we might travel too or stumble upon along the way! And whilst exploring we’ll share these adventures with all of you here, along with pictorial reviews on Instagram! You can follow us @Tour_the_Town

Amber and I met 7 years ago when she and her husband moved back to Michigan from South Carolina. Her husband and I went to high school together, he and my husband grew up playing baseball together, and we had one other rather sad connection…. Her son was a cancer survivor and my late son was at the time a newly diagnosed cancer patient. Not something you expect to bond over but there was an empathy there that I needed, and 7 years later I don’t know what I would do without her!

We live a block away from each other in a small Michigan town that we both grew up in. We have thrown parties, held fundraisers, gone to community and school events, and even vacationed together! Our families often feel like one big family and we love that! So now that we are starting Tour the Town we hope you’ll have fun with us, laugh with us, and get to know us a little better.

Since we are so close to our little district of Vandercook Lake we plan to start there! There are a couple of awesome little restaurants right around the corner from us, and we plan to highlight these locations each week, or as often as our schedules allow! This week we visit Klavon’s pizzeria and pub in Vandercook Lake! This locally owned restaurant and sports bar has quite a story to share and we can’t wait to get to it! More soon, until then enjoy some memories from Amber and I. Thanks for following along!

Fall Blog Series

Morning Everyone! I need some help deciding on a Fall Blog series! I have been tossing around a few ideas but I would like your feedback please! I am trying to choose between a few themes they are…. drum-roll please…. Fall cookie series,  Homemade Holiday, or Cozy Breakfasts

The fall cookie series would be just what it sounds like. A baking series with several different cookies that are great for fall entertaining and maybe just a yummy treat around the house.

Fall cookies

The Homemade Holiday series would be a grouping of side dishes made from scratch that you could incorporate into your holiday menu. Things like Perfect Parker House rolls, Candied yams from scratch (no canned yams people!), Pies, green bean casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup. I think you get the picture here….

Holiday Feast

And finally one of my faves the cozy breakfast series. I could eat breakfast all the time. This series would focus on warm wonderful breakfast foods for a quick morning, or a big family breakfast feast!

Cozy Breakfast

So those are the options! Let me know what your thoughts are. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be cooking up this fall!

Halloween planning! 

Halloween has always been one of my favorite calendar days. I raised my kids with the idea that Halloween was something really special. We would dress up, decorate the house inside and out. When they were little we travelled to see family and friends all dressed up and as they got older we began to host get togethers at the house where we could all have a little festive fun. Well, as the years have gone on our Halloween party has gotten a little bigger each year… Last year was the biggest yet and here’s the fun part there is usually a fun theme to play around with! 

We’ve done Alice in Wonderland, my BFF and I went as Big Alice and Little Alice lol. 

And last year’s party was Great Gatsby style with lots of bling! 

This year we took to social media and let the people vote! So we are now planning a Steampunk Carnival/Circus themed Halloween Extravaganza! I am transforming the barn into a dark circus tent with lots of hidden surprises! The decorations have started to roll in and we begin the process of transforming the barn this weekend! Guests are asked to bring their own drinks and a passing dish (this is an adult atmosphere so no little ones this time). We’ll have some fun games, and the DJ is confirmed! As always all are welcome! 

See you at our dark funky fun carnival friends, festivities take place October 21st! 

One last weekend away…

The summer is coming to a close and fall is in the air so we took off for one more get away with friends before we’re in the throws of fall festivities and holiday preparations! 

Our friends Amber and Eric invited us to his family home in Northern Michigan a great place to visit and just relax. We visited the Mission Point Light house, the beach, and did a whole lot of just hanging out around the bonfire. It was a great break from our day to day, and some much appreciated time laughing with our good friends! 

The drive to Mission Point Light was awesome, we passed several beautiful vinyards and orchards, with the water peaking through trees now and then. The weather was perfect cool, and breezy…and Grand traverse Bay was breath taking.

We laughed as the girls sang their guts out to Justin Beiber in the car, and made sure to get our customary group photo this time on the beach! 

Time to start heading home where this week brings more fall stock deliveries to the garden center, and a flurry of activity at the house as we prepare for our annual Halloween Party! (one of my faves) I’ll share more on that soon too! Thanks for following along! Bye!

A quick crowd pleaser

I love to entertain! We host regular get togethers with some of the most amazing friends and family and now and then I’ll whip up a quick dip, or snack to enjoy with them! 

Last night was no exception our “barn league” spring training tournament took place it was a ton of fun! 

I made a quick tasty Cobb salad chip dip. Here’s what you’ll need.

2 pkg cream cheese

1/2 c. Sour cream

1/4 c. Ranch dressing




1/4 c. Blue cheese crumbles

1/2c. Cheddar cheese shredded

1/2 c. Crumbled bacon

In a large mixing bowl blend the cream cheese, sour cream, and ranch dressing

Spread this into the bottom of a glass pan, layer the remaining ingredients on top. That’s it! 

I serve it with corn chips or tortilla chips. So yummy and the perfect treat for a group to share. Enjoy!

Cornhole kick off tournament!

One of our favorite pass times is playing cornhole with our friends. It’s our go to good time game and we frequently host tournaments in our pole barn throughout the year. Tonight is the Spring Training Tournament our seasonal cornhole kickoff tournament!

(team hug life)

If your not familiar with the game, it’s a bean bag toss type game with a slanted board. Points are awarded when the bags are thrown and come to rest on top of the board or hopefully go in the hole! But your opponent can negate your points with their throw. It makes it a lot of fun and very challenging when you get paired up with a team of equal skill.

(team Titan vs. Team real deal)

(Amber has her form down)

We amp our tournaments up a little with team names and a lot of smack talk lol. We nicknamed our organization “The Barn League” My BFF Amber is my partner and our team is known as the “cornstars” we’re on our way to cornhole fame for sure lol!

So if you need something to do and wanna have a little fun grab a partner and come out tonight for the tournament we’ll be there starting at 7pm! The barn is heated although our unseasonably warm weather is certainly helping us out! Bring your own drinks and snacks I’ll make up some dip and chips and let’s throw some bags! See you there!

(annual 4th of July tourney)