Cherry Collins Cocktail

Last night we decided a little nightcap was in order and this beautiful bright bubbly vodka collins with it’s cherry flavor was the perfect choice!

Ordinarily this would be garnished with fresh cherries but they are sadly out of season in mid michigan right now and I didn’t want to mess around with frozen ones so just pretend there are beautiful fresh dark cherries on top! 😄

The Cherry Collins is a vodka variation of the original gin based Tom Collins cocktail. It’s well balanced, not overly sweet, and very tasty! Here is what you need!

1.5 oz. Cherry vodka

3/4oz lemon juice

1/2oz simple syrup

Tonic water

Cherry garnish

Fill a tall glass or collins glass with ice. Add vodka, lemon juice, syrup, and soda water stir until well combined. Garnish and serve! That’s it! Cheers!!

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