The Que Barbecue and Brew, Port Clinton OH~Review

I have been meaning to add this review for a little while. We enjoyed a very nice meal at The Que Barbecue and Brew in Port Clinton OH at the end of October. First impressions, this place has a great vibe, it is waterfront with a beautiful view, open air options with garage door style windows that in the summer I can see making this space feel airy and fun. It smells like a fabulous smokehouse barbecue restaurant should. A nice size bar area and plenty of seating! I can definitely see this place accommodating large groups easily and in summer months they have outdoor patio seating by the water. I can see this being a great dinner destination and I think will be one of our favorites in Port Clinton. So lets get to the food!

My husband had a pulled pork mac and cheese burrito! You read that right! This was a huge portion, it was well seasoned and cooked perfectly. The macaroni and cheese was creamy and cheesy, it wasn’t over sauced and super messy. A well balanced, and super delicious meal!

I ordered the taco trio and chose walleye, pulled pork, and pulled chicken. The pork and chicken were perfect! The slaw was creamy lightly sweet and really refreshing. They brought a 6 pack of sauces to the table. I tried them all, my favorites were the just peachy sauce, and the carolina golden barbecue sauce. The just peachy sauce was thick and sweet with a little heat really delicious. The golden barbecue sauce was vinegary and bold both very good! Now…the walleye…it was tasty BUT it was FULL of bones! I was literally picking two or three large fish bones out of every bite. I ate about a third of it and gave up because I hate getting mouth fulls of fish bones. So tacos are a yes but perhaps go with a brisket and skip the fish.

We also tried a really yummy appetizer platter. We tried the blackened tips, barbecue roasted cauliflower a fantastic vegetarian option (which at a smokehouse restaurant can be really hard to find), and they had a pulled pork deviled egg. Everything on the platter was fantastic, flavorful, well portioned and gave us a great taste of what the restaurant offers. The deviled egg was the most surprising I think. It is a boiled egg yolk removed breaded and deep fried then filled with a traditional deviled egg filling and topped with a smokey pulled pork. Really yummy and a must try! The cauliflower is addicting I kept going back for more, it was SO good!

All and all this is an awesome option for a filling delicious and sometimes daring meal. The service was excellent! The staff was prompt, friendly, and helpful. We did not enjoy any cocktails this time because we were driving home after dinner but when we return I will definitely be trying some of their cocktail and brews. I hope you give this one a try, it was a real delight! Enjoy!!

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