Gordon Ramsey’s Pub and Grill Las Vegas Review

We met up with several friends while in Las Vegas and enjoyed a great meal at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub and Grill located in Caesar’s palace.

We had a 7pm reservation for 12, arrived just a little before and checked in. They were not quite ready for us so we waited in front of the restaurant. As 7pm came and went we had bring their attention to our waiting party again, at which time we were seated immediately. As a large group you expect that they will have to make accomodations. They placed us near the entrance and hostess stand pushing two square and one round pub style table together with tall bar stool seats for our meal. It worked but didn’t feel ideal.

The restaurant itself had a fun sort of smart casual feel. One wall made of kegs, brightly colored, and well lit but not bright. The hostesses and women on the waitstaff were wearing tight cocktail style dresses with a black and white newspaper type print on them.

The menu was small and to the point. Andy ordered the 3 course meal that included either soup or salad, beef wellington, and a sticky toffee pudding dessert for $74.99. I ordered the 8oz Santa Carlota Filet for $64, it does not come with a side dish so I ordered asparagus separately the additional side cost $13.50. Prices were as expected for a celebrity chef owned establishment with fine foods.

We started with a couple of specialty cocktails. I ordered their version of Mule, and Andy had an Old Fashioned.

Andy’s meal started with a Caesar Salad, it was pretty typical. The ingredients seemed fresh and he said it was good. I decided against a starter because it always fills me up too fast.

The wait staff was noted to be a little slow…the hostess stand was always full of staff sometimes including our waitress but we frequently had to wave someone over to get drinks or condiments etc…

The main course was delicious! I ordered my Filet medium rare, it was cooked perfectly had a nice crust on the outside, and was topped with a garlic rosemary butter. This again was served without a side dish on a giant plate by itself which looked a little odd from a presentation standpoint and my asparagus came shortly after the entree it was enough for two people.

Andy’s main course was the beef wellington a dish that Gordon Ramsey made famous and is common on a lot of his restaurant menus. The wait staff informed him that the Wellington comes cooked medium rare. He was fine with that but when it arrived his was quite rare while others at the table were more of a medium rare. He still enjoyed it immensely and said it was delicious!

The side dish accompaniment as you can see here was a potato mash and 4 yes 4 pieces of vegetables. He enjoyed a good bit of my extra asparagus.

The final round of Andy’s 3 course meal was a sticky toffee pudding. This is a warm dense spice cake topped with brown sugar vanilla ice cream, and a caramel toffee sauce. It was beautiful, buttery, soft and so delicious!

The meal all together was cooked perfectly and delicious. The side dish situation was lacking a little, and staff attention was just ok. We sometimes felt as though we were bothering their social hour at the hostess stand.

This is still a nice option within the Gordon Ramsey restaurants that are in Las Vegas. Give it a try and see what you think! Enjoy!

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