Pantone Colors of the Year

I can’t let January run away without talking about the Pantone colors of the year. Do you follow the color of the year selection like I do? I love seeing the annual announcsment and exploring all the ways people begin begon to integrate the colors throughout their designs, wardrobes, make-up etc… I guess I’m inspired by the idea of sending out a mainstream inspiration and seeing how tons of people interpret and use that. Cheezy I know but it’s so true! People are truly very creative and I love seeing all of their new ideas.

Do you try to incorporate it into your home during the year. I’ll be honest I have never redesigned a whole room or anything but I do try to decorate a little using the colors

This years colors are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating!

I already have a lot of gray tones in my home decor, but I can definitely see myself adding a splash of yellow here and there this year. A bowl of lemons, or some gorgeous flowers. I love the bright happy feel of this years picks. Especially with all of the craziness that was 2020. Maybe I’ll even look for a crazy cute little sun dress this Summer, we shall see!

What do you think of this years color picks? How do you think you might use it?

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