Beginner’s Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner~Deviled Eggs

Another simple and flavorful addition to every holiday meal is the super versatile deviled egg! There are so many ways to prepare this american family favorite, and if you need a low cost passing dish this is a great option for that as well!

The roots of the modern-day deviled egg can be traced back to ancient Rome, where boiled eggs were served with spicy sauces as a first course. But it wasn’t until the 13th century in Spain where we begin to see the use of yolk with a mixtures of sauces which resembled more the modern deviled egg.

The eggs can be prepare one day ahead but don’t peel them until you’re ready to prepare them on the day of your celebration. For this recipe I use the flavor of green olives to brighten up the dish coupled with my favorite dill seasoning mix and well, we have a winner! Here is what you need!

12 boiled eggs, peeled and cut into halves, yolks removed and reserved for filling

1/4c. Miracle whip (I prefer this over regular mayo but that will work too)

4 Tbsp grainy dijon mustard

1Tbsp green olive brine (juice straight from the jar)

2 Tbsp green olives finely chopped

One celery stick very finely chopped

2 Tbsp dill seasoning mix

Optional hot sauce to taste

Paprika and sliced green olives for the top

In a medium bowl combine egg yolks with mayo, mustard, brine, chopped olives, chopped celery, and dill seasoning. Spoon or pipe into the egg white “shells” and top with a green olive slice and a sprinkle of paprika. That’s it! A perfect side dish! Enjoy

* salt is not needed for this dish, there is plenty between the miracle whip and the brine! *

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