Beginner’s Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner ~Charcuterie Board

I thought we would kick off with something super simple. A Charcuterie board is an appetizer consisting of an assortment of meats, cheeses, olives, and vegetables and fruits. It is similar to Antipasto platters, or Relish trays. Name it what you like, at the end of the day it will keep your husband from “snacking” on the foods you need to prepare the rest of your meal lol!

When selecting items for your tray choose things that you like to eat. I know it sounds crazy but don’t go over board here this is definitely not the main event of your holiday meal. I add any mix of the following typically and this can be prepared the evening before covered and refrigerated for serving around the brunch hour on Thanksgiving Day.

Here is what you need, but remember add items that you enjoy!

Cubed cheese, monterey jack, swiss, pepper jack and cheddar

Pickles, dill and sweet midgets

Olives, Black and Green

Crackers, we like Ritz and Chicken in a biscuit

Hard salami slices, and pepparoni slices

Cheese Spreads, seasoned cream cheese, and bar cheese in cheddar flavor

Fruits, grapes, orange slices, pomegranate kernels

Veggies, Carrots, Celery sticks, and Cucumbers

Nuts, Pistachios, Cashews, Almonds

To prepare use a large cutting board or serving tray and arrange all of the items in whatever pretty way floats your boat. There is no wrong way to do this! Add a few utensils for people to use to load their own appetizer plates and you are good to go! A great way to snack in the earlier hours of the holiday before the big meal! Enjoy!

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