Red Moon, Put-In-Bay OH

I’ll start of my reviews of this weeks shenanigans with the islands little known speakeasy bar know as Red Moon.

Red Moon exists in the former dining hall of the Park Hotel. A victorian era hotel on Delaware St. Near the Derivera Park, and directly next to the very popular and well known Roundhouse Bar.

Red Moon like any true speakeasy is in an unmarked area that you may or may not notice, but are happy when you find it. They are compliant with Covid 19 mask rules you must have your mask on until seated. Everything was adequately spaced and overall appeared very clean and well kept.

They offer a large beverage list with a number of unique craft cocktails including the cocoa puffs white russian (yes served with cereal floating on top), and well known for their extensive varieties of Martini’s. I enjoyed a Pear martini, while my hubby had a simple old fashioned. Drinks are strong here and the ambiance is unique. This is a moderately priced establishment.

I’ll save some of the details for you explore on your own as a speakeasy should always have some of it’s own secrets to be explored.

Only one con that we easily rectified on or own. The tables each had an artificial candle decoration that was well a little too artificial. It flickered at such a pace we feared seizure induction however once turning off the one closest to us the atmosphere seemed just right.

We’d love to know if you’ve visited Red Moon. If not and you’d like more info. We are here to help! Enjoy!!

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