Time for a new Cooking Series!

I so enjoyed the Fall cooking series a little while ago and having a specific topic really got my wheels turning on new recipes, as wells as forced me into my kitchen where I was starting to reclaim my “happy place”.  I have lost a little momentum and so now have decided to challenge myself again with a new cooking series that will focus on the most important meal of the day. Breakfast!


I love breakfast foods, there is a lot of diversity in the meals available as well as baking and cooking techniques that combine to make delicious, healthy and nutritious food for my family. I plan to discuss some basics like different ways of preparing eggs, as well as some inventive new recipes that you”re family will love, and you can use day to day as well as for guests or special occasions!


I’d love to open up some dialog with you all about what you most enjoy for breakfast, did you have a fancy dish at a restaurant or bed and breakfast that you’d like to see replicated? What is your go to breakfast recipe for special occasions? and Do you eat breakfast at anytime of day? I can’t wait to explore all of the facets of this important meal with all of you! Follow along for more recipes and tips! Thank you for joining me!


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