Chocolate Chip Cookie, take three!

Ok as ridiculous as this sounds…last summer my BFF Amber and I attempted the Classic Chocolate Chip cookie recipe from Betty Crocker and failed…TWICE lol!

First round the cookies retained their pre-baked shape, they were hard little cookie balls.

Round two wasn’t any better. (Maybe I should have measured some things lol) This time they spread from one end of the cookie sheet to the other!

Although both tasted ok…Neither was that delicious cookie we were craving!

With out recent winter weather in Michigan I was itching to get back into the kitchen. So I made a third and final attempt at this recipe!

It’s a miracle! They came out perfectly! I did modify the recipe because the dough like the first round was so dry it was like bread crumbs. So I added 2-3Tbsp of water and here we are perfect Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I chose water instead of milk or oil because I didn’t want to add anymore fats etc… As these can change the chemistry of the cookie and I likely would have had continued problems.

So there you have it! Cookie accomplished! Thanks for following along!


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