Sloppy Joe’s and football!

A little late maybe but we had a laid back stay at home football game for this year’s super bowl. No going out and no partying in. Why you ask? I know it’s completely out of my character not to host a party when there is a perfectly good excuse like the Super Bowl to do so, but…my husband as many of you know does snow plowing in the winter time and we are expecting a series of storms this week including the 1-2″ mini storm last night. So we decided a nice night at home to relax before he headed out was the best choice!

I love cooking for the Super Bowl though. It’s like cooking up Americana! Greasy, cheesy, barbecue-y, just plain yummy good things! Last night I decided to keep it simple though and we went with a good old fashioned Sloppy Joe!

Sloppy Joe’s we’re first introduced in the 1930’s, it’s origins lie with the “loose meat sandwiches” sold in Sioux City, IA during that time by a proprietor that went by the name of Joe. In the 1960’s companies like Heinz began to introduce ready to use sauces that could make the sloppy joe process even simpler. I love Manwich by the way…

Anyway, sloppy Joe’s sounded good and I went for a homemade version that is sure to please. Here’s what you’ll need:

1.5lb lean ground beef, browned and drained.

1/2 small onion finely chopped

1 sm green pepper finely chopped

1sm can chopped tomato, drained

2-3cloves finely chopped garlic

1.5c ketchup

1tbsp brown sugar

1tsp chili powder

1 tsp ground mustard

Salt and pepper to taste


Sesame seed buns

Once your meat is brown add in the onions, peppers, tomato, and garlic cook until tender soft veggies. Add ketchup stirring in well then add your sugar and remaining spices. If mixture is too thick add a little water until you get the desired consistency.

Serve hot on a sesame seed bun. Enjoy!

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