Fresh corn salsa

While vacationing with friends this past weekend we found ourselves with some left over corn on the cob, so what better to make than some fresh corn salsa! 

This is a great ready to eat snack dip that we could leave out and enjoy throughout the evening. It has a little spicy kick but not too much and will surely keep you coming back for a little more. 

Here’s what you need.

4 ears of corn cooked and cut from the cob

1 md yellow onion chopped

1 lg green bell pepper chopped

1 sm tomato diced

1 sm jalapeno finely chopped seeds removed

1 bunch of cilantro chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

1 bag tortilla chips for dipping, Tostitos scoops work great! 

Take all of your chopped ingredients and toss together, it’s just that easy! I think if I had one available I would have added a squeeze of lime juice, and maybe a little garlic but just as it was it tasted great!  You could also add avocado or black beans if you need something a little more filling. A lot like pico de gallo but with fresh corn. So good! Enjoy! 

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