Wandering Through my Recipes

​I have shared recipes on a few different platforms, and I really do like Just-A-Pinch. A recipe sharing site with a test kitchen that tries things out. It has a comment forum that allows people to ask questions, and give kudos for the items that they really like. Instead of sharing or liking recipes if you want to try them later you “pinch” them and it saves them to a private recipe box of things that you like. It’s a neat site, check it out if you likewww.justapinch.com


Like I was saying this site operates a test kitchen and if they really like something they award that recipe blue ribbons, kind of like the fair. I have one recipe that the test kitchen pinched and tried and guess what, this lady earned herself a blue ribbon!  Don’t let me fool you I earned this highest accommodation a few years ago, but like I said I was wandering through some of my recipes and this one came to mind.

I know the anticipation is killing you at this  point as to what recipe this could be. Well, it was a simple Margarita Cupcake with Tequila Lime Frosting. This frosting by the way is amazing, like eat the whole bowl amazing. To challenge myself a little further I baked the cupcakes in margarita glasses!

I think I just heard a gasp… yes, I baked the delicate glasses with the batter in them in a 300F oven… and it worked perfectly! Just like a glass baking dish!

I used a traditional white cake mix with the addition of a little green food coloring, and the recipe for this amazing frosting below!

Tequila Lime Frosting

3-4 c confectioners sugar

1/3 c butter, room temperature

1 small lime peel, grated

1 1/2 Tbsp lime juice

1-2 Tbsp tequila

lime wedge for garnish

grated lime peel for garnish

Mix all ingredients together until smooth, and top with the lime wedge and additional grated peel.  Happy cooking everyone!

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