The Pain of It All

​My BFF, Amber, is going for Olympic Gold when it comes to back pain! Still in miserable pain; we haven’t been able to even hang out much the past few weeks let alone do any cooking…insert sad face here…

So, I did what any great friend would do. I googled weird things like “foods that help with back pain” a shot in the dark or so I thought. However, there is a very diverse library of information out there on foods that help to manage the inflammation of chronic back pain! Who knew!? 

So, I researched and read and this is what the experts all seem to agree on. There are a number of tasty food out there that have anti-inflammatory properties. These foods are best to combat chronic back pain as inflammation is a primary source for that type of pain. The list contained mostly color rich vegetables and fruits, and very little starch based items. 

So try foods like omega rich fresh fish, spinach, kale, berries, pomegranate (in season now), and watermelon or herbs like cinnamon, rosemary, and garlic. One of the physicians whose work I read also added olive oil, green tea, and nuts like almonds and pecans. 

Just like there are foods that help there are foods that can add to the inflammation so items listed that should be avoided include all of the fun stuff like tomatoes, white potatoes, peppers, bread, pasta, and EEK COFFEEE! That could be a tough one for Amber…

So where does that leave us. Probably no where lol. But, I gave it a whirl. So enjoy some pecan crusted salmon with a side salad of Kale and pomegranate kernels and call me in the morning…or don’t either way is OK. Happy Healthy Cooking Everyone! 

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