No breakfast would be complete without a great cup of coffee! I enjoy mine black most of the time but will occasionally add a bit of half and half. I like my coffee to be simple and taste like well…coffee lol.

I have been a regular coffee drinker since high school. It carries great memories for me as a child though as well. My Dad drank coffee all the time. I liked the smell it meant he was home. My Grandma used to drink it a lot too she enjoyed instant Nescafe coffee and to this day the smell of that particular brand takes me right back to her house on a summer morning. My other grandmother and I connected over “spoil me” coffee which was usually more of a cocoa from the international coffees brand. We particularly liked the mint mocha flavor.

There are lots of different ways to prepare coffee. Like pour over, drip, iced, or cold brewed. Various amounts and types of creamer, sugar, milk foam, and flavoring. Coffee truly is one of the most diverse beverages that is enjoyed the world over.

Below are a couple of my favorite preparations for coffee. How do you like yours?

Cafe’ Americano

1/3 espresso

2/3 water

Cafe’ Au Lait

1/2 steamed milk

1/2 brewed coffee

Coffee Affogato

2/5 vanilla ice cream

3/5 coffee


A dash of foamy steamed milk

2 shots espresso

Caramel flavor is desired

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