Jackson Audubon Society – Birds of Prey

I recently paid a visit to our local Audubon Society meeting. They host 6 meetings a year. Sept- Nov. and then January – March. Meeting are on the second Tuesday of the month and hosted at the Ella Sharp Museum community room.

In an effort to really give you an accurate picture of the amazing town that we live in we aren’t just focusing on restaurants, and huge community events. We decided to include the important work of some of these civic organizations as well. I could not have chosen a better meeting to feature!


The National Wildlife Association from Midland MI brought out a variety of LIVE birds for us to observe and learn about. The turn out for the meeting was fantastic, and it was so nice to see so many kids there to experience this up close look at these amazing birds.


he National Wildlife association is an organization that assists with the rehabilitation of injured birds of prey. They deal extensively with many species of owl, eagles, falcons, and hawks. They get appropriate veterinary care for them, feed them, rehab them fully and when possible they release them back to the area where they were found. They travel all over the State of Michigan caring for these amazing birds. They rely on program nights like these to help fund their mission. Last year alone they helped save 100 birds!

The birds that they brought along with them have been under their care for a long period of time and have truly bonded with them. These are also animals that could not be rehabbed enough to send them back out to the wild. They brought in a tiny wet-saw owl and the pour thing was found so badly injured that a portion of it’s wing had to be amputated, but thanks to programs like this he has found a new educational purpose in life and he clearly loved his handlers.

The Jackson Audubon Society is a birding enthusiasts dream organization. They host monthly outings, regular meetings, and as a member you’ll receive newsletters and email information to keep you up to date on events, and political calls to action around the State of Michigan. They help maintain two local bird sanctuaries, The Haehnle Sanctuary, and the Kate Palmer Bird Sanctuary, these are fantastic hiking trails with points and outlooks to capture great photos of local birds, wildlife, and flowers. Having been a member now for a couple of years I can honestly say this is a wonderful group of people who have a common enthusiasm for our feathered friends, and it has been my pleasure to become a greater part of it as a Jackson Audubon Society Board Member.


The program I attended last night was so much fun and so informative! We met a former racing dove, several species of owls, a peregrine falcon, and a Merlin Falcon, as well as a ruff legged hawk, and the largest pigeon I have ever seen!! I ended the night with a fabulous Owl selfie… bucket list check mark… and a few new friends! If you have a chance visit the Audubon Society website, http://www.JacksonAudubon.org, for more information or to become a member. Thank you!

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