National Margarita Day!

I can’t believe it’s national Margarita day and no one has made me a single cocktail in celebration! It’s tragic around here folks!

So sans cocktail I guess we’ll just talk about it because someday I’m sure it will come in handy. I’m full of random information, so what’s one more thing right!

The Margarita is a cocktail consisting of Lime juice, triple Sec, and tequila. Shaken or blended in a 2-1-2 ratio. So 2oz simple syrup (like sweetened lime juice), 1oz triple Sec, and 2 oz tequila. It can be served straight up, shaken no ice in a salt rimmed glass. Iced, shaken poured over ice (I know seems straight forward) in a salt rimmed glass, or frozen, blended with ice and the poured in a salt rimmed glass. There are thousands of variations on the Margarita recipe, some include different flavors of simple syrup, some utilize Grand Marnier instead of triple Sec, others use different types of tequila from Blanco to gold and anejo. All these factors make this a much more flexible recipe to treat everyone’s taste.

So where did the recipe come from? No one really knows. Stories range from 1943-1945 some state it was named after a women, others state that the person responsible for it’s creation left Mexico to become a milkman, and some others state that it was created as a variation of the American cocktail “the Daisy” which used Brandy instead of tequila. A reporter from the US however has the earliest know account of the drink having enjoyed it in Tijuana in 1936. So you decide only one thing seems true it,’s here now and we love it!

So if your looking for a unique twist on your next dinner party, try a margarita bar, or a margarita tasting with a taco bar! Use different simple syrups, maybe 2 types of tequila, and some fun garnishes! It’ll surely be a great hit! Happy drinking on National Margarita Day! I’ll be over here with my coffee 😒.

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