Garlic Honey Shrimp

I’ve been in a dinner rut lately. Life has been crazy as usual and I find myself cooking the same things in an endless loop of the same old things. I was literally dying for a change of pace this week and Friday was my only day that I didn’t have estimates and errands after work; a perfect opportunity to spend some time in my kitchen!

I love the flavors that come with Asian inspired cuisine. So tonight on the menu…Garlic Honey Shrimp! 

Here’s what you need.

1lb uncooked shrimp (I bought mine frozen this time, but fresh uncooked shrimp is awesome.)

2tbsp olive oil

1/4c. Soy sauce

3/4c. Clover honey

2tsp. Minced garlic

1/4tsp. Black pepper

3c. fresh broccoli

1c. Snowpea pods

2c. Long grain brown rice

Toasted sesame seeds

Cook your rice according to the package directions s and set aside. While the rice is cooking prepare your other ingredients.

Thaw, rinse, peel, and devein the shrimp. Chop broccoli, and cut the ends of the pea pods off. Measure out your honey, soy sauce , garlic and pepper into a small bowl. 

Boil water and blanch the vegetables do not over cook! 

In a large pan heat the olive oil and add the shrimp, once starting to turn pink add the sauce and cook thoroughly. Add the blanched vegetables and rice stir well and serve topped with toasted sesame seeds. Enjoy! 

I served this with creme brulee for dessert, I’ll post on that soon! Thanks for reading! 

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