I’m basically a hero…

So as you know we own a garden center and unfortunately an environment like this is prone to uninvited guests now and then..namely the occasional mouse.

I have a few traps set in areas that we know they can get into. Most of the time in my office area which sits alongside an outside wall of the building so this makes sense.

This morning while doing some cleaning I heard the trap go off in the office. My heart immediately sinks because I’m a super softy. But I decide to be brave and go throw the presumed dead mouse away. I open the door, and out it runs…with the trap attached!!!

I go running after it, yelling things like “oh gosh! Oh no! Just sit still! Let me help you!”

I finally catch him the trap is hooked on his little skull…I feel so bad that I remove the trap and take him outside to free him the entire time apologizing to the little thing….

What in the world is happening in my life….my bleeding heart can’t take this kind of stuff lol!

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