So much to say!

​It’s been a very busy fall and winter season full of a lot of great friends and amazing food. So where do I start! 

Let’s start with football season and the food of it all. I love cozying up in the family room to watch my husband’s intensity build during the game. He’s a passionate U of M fan!  I have several go to dishes for football season but by far my favorite is chili!! I have two recipes that I use regularly, one is a super simple cook and eat without the long cook time. And the other is a white chicken chili that is to die for! 

This chili features chicken, northern white beans, cream cheese, chicken broth, white chili seasoning and a few veggie staples like onion, green pepper, parsley and spinach. It’s delicious! I top mine off with mozzarella and sour cream. It’s a warm, creamy, chili with just the right amount of spice!

Also the past several weeks I have been working on my own on the Betty Crocker cookbook challenge. My best friend Amber and I have had little time lately to hang out and work on it together but I’m dying to try all of these recipes so I’ve been going it alone! So far I have made Chicken Marsala, Deviled eggs, homemade cranberry sauce, scalloped corn, sugar cookies, pressed spritz cookies, decorator icing, and most recently Swiss steak. 

I can’t believe how great all of these recipes have been! I’m looking forward to trying all of the others! All of these recipes can be found at

Since my last post a major food holiday took place, Thanksgiving! I cook at home for my family every year, this year we decided to participate in a local 5k race before endulging in all of our yummy holiday food, it was a ton of fun! 

And later we enjoyed an equally as amazing Cherry pie, my daughter Brianna helped weave the crust she did great for her first try! 

I think that brings us up to date! We’re prepping for the Christmas holiday and of course I decided this would be a perfect time to make some major renovations to the house…what was I thinking…I’ll keep posting hope you are all having a great holiday! Enjoy!!

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